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A big Norwegian company gets its brand unified across the world.

Originally established in 1984, Uniteam is an Oslo based manufacturer and supplier of containers and module solutions to both, onshore and offshore industries. After 30 years in operation Uniteam has several subsidiaries located around the world: Norway, Sweden, Poland, China, Malaysia and India. While operating globally means adjusting communication to different cultural needs, Uniteam wanted to empower their employees with truly scandinavian visual language and put Norway back at the heart of brand.

Amplituda was approached to design new visual identity together with seamless digital experience across all devices. Our aim was to reduce noise and apply clean visual communication based on grid system, strong typography and remarkable Norwegian landscape. We've involved architecture photographer to catch the mix of Scandinavian surroundings and engineering as well as Uniteam products.

Uniteam's web presence structure needed bold decisions. Each subsidiary had their own website, which caused inconsistency in both content and visual appearance. Moreover, it was not responsive causing huge bounce rate on mobile. Our mission was to deliver unified digital environment and adapt it worldwide as rapidly as possible. Amplituda was responsible for entire project - from editorial management to UI/UX, design and code.

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